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Content marketing plan is the foundation for your SEO strategy, it is one of the most essential parts of your online presence. Your content should be written with SEO in mind, decent quality content that is directly related to your SEO will advance you website ranking and authority in searches.

Visitors to your site are familiar with good quality content and will immediately identify bad content, if your content is good they will be more likely reference your website on social media and other online forums as well as offline methods like word of mouth.

Authority content is fresh content that is written on a regular basis aimed at a particular audience. It is therefore useful content to improve their business or lifestyle and the objective is to grab their attention, encourage customer engagement and develop a strong influence in your niche market. This slots in with Google’s E-A-T requirements. Authority content consists of 3 pillars: presenting, product and promote.

Anticipate that different users will form different understanding around the content that you provide based on their knowledge on the specific topic and it is essential to offer unique and exclusive content to your visitors. Depending on their knowledge they might search for content in a different way, those who know the topic might search for acronyms that beginner readers are not familiar with, it is advised to provide both acronyms and the full names in articles to enhance search ability and user experience.

It is beneficial to provide content in an organized manner, readers should have a clear understanding of where one topic ends and where the next topic begins. To divide your content into logical segments using sub-headings is the best practice as it helps users find specific content faster.

Provide content that your audience will find helpful and understandable, this will not only build confidence and establish your brand as an expert in the market but since Google is monitoring research it will notice the fact that you are certainly providing a solution to a consumers questions and this will have a constructive effect on your position in rank. This form of content have to be created on a consistent basis, to provide new content keeps your solutions groundbreaking and supply the search bots with fresh content as well. To aid the community is proven to be part of the best marketing practices and main goals for Google that will increase attention, engagement and trust in your Brand.

Heading tags must be used appropriately to emphasize important text. It is the most commonly used method to direct the attention of the user to certain areas of an article. By showing the user the main focus and sub-sections of an article improves the readability and ensure that a clear message is communicated. Multiple heading sizes enables the user to form a logical structure of the provided content which result in enhances on page navigation. There are six types of heading tags (h1-h6). The most important headings will use the “h1” tag since it is the biggest heading size and the least important headings will use the h6 tag which is the smallest heading. Only use heading tags where it is appropriate and where it improves the structure of the content, an awkward use of heading tags can create confusion and will result in bad user experience.

Anchor text, better known as hyperlink text should be descriptive of the content, pages or websites that it links to. This will give your users and the Google bots a clear understanding about the nature of content that you link to. Unless the anchor text promotes a specific website, do not use the page URL as anchor text, it generally does not provide sufficient descriptions for either the users or the search bots. Best practice is to keep anchor text as short and descriptive as possible. Users should be able to identify your hyperlinks because of a different styling than the regular text, hyperlinks that is unnoticeable fail to be useful and can create confusion when visitors accidently click on the links.

By creating video content for your website you draw the attention of your target audience. Videos gets shared more than any other content worldwide. Every company should invest some time in creating stimulating video content, it is one of the most popular movements in online marketing, brand building and SEO development. Since the number of mobile web users have increased considerably in the last few years the video trend have exploded and through easy integration with social sharing this trend is growing rapidly. Average quality content used in creating an enticing video have a tendency to gain more hits than exceptionally good content in a written article or page.

Turn your most popular content into Info graphics to improve sharing and create an interest around it at the first glance of the page.

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